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The Journey

The journey

In shadows deep, where demons dance, Where darkness held its firm advance, A soul

once trapped, lost and forlorn, Now seeks the light, to be reborn.

Addiction's grip, a suffocating plight, Drowned in cravings day and night, But through the

haze, a flicker gleams, A whisper beckons, shattered dreams.

With trembling hands, and trembling heart, The journey starts, a brand-new start, A

battle waged, both fierce and long, To break the chains, to right the wrong.

Step by step, with courage held, Past pitfalls and the siren's spell, The path unfolds, a

winding road, A warrior's spirit now bestowed.

In fellowship, a ray of hope, A circle formed, no room to mope, Supportive hearts,

together mend, Each voice a lifeline, a true friend.

With open arms, and open mind, Acceptance found, no judgment blind, Through tears

and laughter, scars displayed, The broken mended, wounds betrayed.

From shattered fragments, strength emerges, As battles fought, the soul converges,

With every sunrise, a victory won, A steady rhythm, a new life begun.

Rediscovering passions, long lost, A kaleidoscope of colors, embossed, In creativity's

embrace, the spirit soars, Unleashing gifts that were once ignored.

Embracing truth, with fearless grace, Facing demons, finding solace, Awakening

purpose, burning bright, To heal oneself, to guide with light.

And as the days turn into years, A symphony of triumph nears, For in the depths, where

darkness reigned, A phoenix rises, no longer chained.

Recovery's tapestry, woven strong, A testament to where one belongs, A beacon of

hope, for those who roam, A testament that love brings them home.

So, lift your voice, oh souls set free, In unity, we find our decree, That healing is possible,

hearts restored, And in recovery, we're forever adored.

By:Priscilla M.

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