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Harm Reduction - SSANA


Harm reduction is everywhere; from wearing a seatbelt to safer use of substances.

Revive Recovery facilitates the Syringe Service Alliance of the Nashua Area (SSANA) to provide participants in active use with a variety of clean new supplies. We also supply other kits such as safer sex, hygiene, and wound care kits, and in the winter, we provide keep warm bags.

Everyone at Revive assists with this program, whether it’s assembling kits or going on outreach. We are fortunate to have the city of Nashua and the local hospitals support with SSANA’s harm reduction services. We have paired up with the city health department who provide on-site rapid testing for HIV and Hepatitis C and the Doorway of Greater Nashua who provide resources for SUD treatment options.

Our goal is to assist the participants in transitioning to a healthier safer lifestyle of their choosing. SSANA does not turn away anyone and welcomes everyone. Our location allows us to have comfortable and informative conversations regularly.

We have been able to create a rapport with our participants enabling them to have a safe and genuine conversation about their needs and struggles. We are there also to provide any other resources they may need to improve their lives.

A lot of these conversations inform us about the new trends in the area, such as substances being mixed together. This allows us to educate others about potential dangers and precautions to take to use it more safely. SSANA also distributes Narcan and how to use it properly while educating the community on signs of an overdose.

Since switching to a syringe exchange, we have been able to take back more used syringes than we pass out, keeping the community and environment safer as a whole. Revive also provides syringe clean-ups wherever necessary and has worked with the fire department and other community partners to find areas in need.

Revive participates in the quarterly NHHRC community meetings with other harm-reduction services to collaborate and update each other on current trends. Our staff also attend the annual regional harm-reduction conference to keep our organization up to date. We are consistently brainstorming ways to better serve the community.

If you, or someone you know, could benefit from any of these services feel free to reach out to our SSANA line (978) 743-9636 or visit us in the parking lot at the Nashua Public Library.

Our schedule is Monday 10am-12pm and Tuesday-Friday 2pm-4pm.

- Tim & Molly

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